Concrete VS Pavers

Are you considering adding a patio to your outdoor living area? Perhaps a walkway or even a driveway? Your options are either concrete or pavers, and each option has different advantages, depending on your needs. They each also have their disadvantages.

Concrete slabs are most often used, due to their lower cost & ease of installation. With developments in concrete coloring & stamping, there are a few more designs & textures than there used to be.

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Paving stones or bricks are individual sections, that can be made up of stone, concrete, or brick. With this option, you have virtually unlimited design options.

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Deciding between these two choices can be a we've helped you by going over the pros & cons of each!


  • Pros:

  • Generally cheaper & easier/faster to install.

  • Stamping & Coloring provide more options than standard concrete.

  • Sealants can be applied for protection against stains.

  • Cons:

  • ROI is minimal, as most homes have this option in place.

  • Takes time to cure & cannot be used during this time.

  • Minimum orders are usually a requirement, meaning you may be paying for additional concrete your project doesn't require.

  • Cracking is inevitable:

  • If the ground flexes or if a tree root grows too close, your slab will crack.

  • Repairs are complicated & costly, and can just look like a band-aid.

  • Usually will require a complete replacement.

  • Traction:

  • Slabs can be slippery when wet, if not properly finished.

  • Just because it has been stamped, doesn't mean there's more traction.


  • Pros:

  • Nearly 75% ROI, as pavers are more unique

  • NO curing time, can be used immediately

  • Unlimited design options

  • If settling or cracking/breaking occurs, can easily be readjusted or replaced.

  • Rated around 4 times as strong than a slab of concrete, meaning it can hold 4 times the weight (more furniture, heavy fire pit, etc.).

  • Most are rated to be non-skid/non-slip.

  • Vehicles will have more traction which means less tire marks on the driveway.

  • Cons:

  • Require more intensive preparation, which means your labor costs will be higher than that of concrete.

  • Professional cleaning & sealing services will be necessary to protect/preserve your pavers.

  • Joints can get moss growing in them over time.

  • Weed killer or a power wash will help with this!

Don't assume one option will cost more than the other, without doing your research! You'll likely pay about 15% more for a paver space than standard concrete. But if you go with a stamped or stained concrete, you'll pay about the same. Concrete is more affordable up front, but long-term, repairs & replacements will outweigh the initial savings. Pavers can be easily fixed one at a time, which saves a lot of money over time!

Summit Outdoor Designs offers both concrete pouring & paver installation as part of our services. We would love to talk with you about your dream project, so give us a call today for a FREE estimate!

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