How To Prepare For Your Estimate

Hiring a contractor is the first, and arguably most important step to any large-scale project at your home. It can also be a bit confusing, especially for first-time homeowners. We've compiled a short list of the best ways to be prepared for the estimate process.

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  • Wants Vs Need

  • Both are very important; so make a list and be realistic about the difference!

  • Rank the importance of each item.

  • Discuss with others in the household, if applicable.

  • Budget

  • Think of a dollar figure you have set aside for this project.

  • Consider financing or using home equity to make sure the project is exactly how you want it.

  • A good & honest contractor is only asking you for a ballpark figure so they can do their best to stay within that number, while making your dreams come true!

  • It does not mean they're going to spend every last dollar you have.

  • List Of Questions

  • Come up with a few questions ahead of time such as:

  • What is the process for replacing my paver patio?

  • Is there a supervisor on-site at all times or periodically?

  • Do you have pictures of past projects?

  • This is important as we are working together & need to have complete transparency about expectations, on both sides.

  • Please feel free to ask additional questions during & after the estimate appointment as well!

  • Ideas!

  • Look in magazines, take a walk around the neighborhood, or screenshot cool ideas on Pinterest.

  • These photo-references help the contractor really see specific elements you like, with less room for misinterpretation.

  • 1 Hour Of Distraction Free Time

  • A contractor would love to have your full attention for about an hour. This is to discuss ideas, walk around the property, take measurements & pictures.

  • Of course, we realize that we live in a busy world, with working individuals, stay-at-home parents, and multi-tasking millennials. But try to minimize distractions as best as possible.

Doing just a little homework prior to your estimate is so helpful both for you and for the contractor. You will know what items are most important to you, and your contractor will have an easier time understanding how they can make your dollars go the furthest.

Summit Outdoor Designs is happy to discuss designs ideas, colors of decking, or just the process of how we install your new paver patio. We can do this during your free estimate; just give us a call or fill out our form on our Contact page!

(816) 524-8565

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