Not All Estimates Are Equal

It’s a common practice to have multiple contractors come to your home & give you an estimate on your dream outdoor living space. However, its safe to say that each contractor can interpret things differently, and it’s for this reason, that not all estimates are equal. Below, we will go over a couple common issues, and how to fix them ahead of time.

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Are you comparing Apples to Oranges?

Make sure you & the contractor are on the same page about what’s being quoted.

Contractor 1 could be using a $3 board while Contractor 2 could be using a $6.

The solution requires a bit of homework on your part; researching materials ahead of time could help eliminate this miscommunication.

An example would be to pick 2 types of decking: TimberTech Vintage Mahogany vs. Fiberon Concordia Warm Sienna. They are similar in color and quality, but different brands mean different prices. This way you know exactly what materials the contractor should be quoting.

A local deck store or a quick google search will help with your research!

Are we forgetting anything?

Sometimes homeowners remember they wanted lighting for their new pergola, but Contractor 1 already has been to your home and sent the estimate. Therefore, their estimate is significantly less and looks more attractive.

Before you call any contractors, take your time to brainstorm a detailed list of

wants & needs for your project. That way you don’t forget any details.! However, if something does slip your mind – just call that first Contractor back out & they should be happy to adjust your estimate to include the lighting.

This day in age, with search engines, social media, and word of mouth, you can likely choose the right contractor or 2 to come out to give you an estimate. No longer is it necessary to spend hours & hours, days & days getting several quotes.

Summit Outdoor Designs would love to be that right contractor for you. No project is too big or too small, just give us a call!

(816) 524-8565

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