Reasons To Spend Your Renovation Money On A Deck

Whether it is a tax refund, a rainy day fund, or perhaps some savings from having no commute this past year, you may now have some extra cash to spend on a renovation of your house!

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Here are the top reasons we believe you should spend that money on a deck or outdoor living space:

  • An outdoor living space can serve as multiple spaces with multiple functions.

  • You could have a barbequing area, an intimate firepit setting, a dining table, or a relaxing spa/pool space.

  • A raised deck can also serve as covered storage.

  • You can give an outdoor living space a different style or “vibe” than the interior of your house.

  • Is your home decorated in a traditional style and you want to go a little modern? Now’s your chance because its outside and feels more separate of your house. Go for it!

  • It can act as a getaway space! Do you need a retreat from working from home? Or perhaps you need some space from the kids? Go outside to your new relaxing space, take a breath, and enjoy.

  • Going along that same theme, a new outdoor living space gives you a chance to be outside & more in-touch with nature. Adding some greenery, soft pillows, or maybe a water feature could help lower stress & blood pressure. Time to break out that hammock & some sunglasses!

  • The construction from a new deck or living space is not nearly as intrusive to your life such as a kitchen rehab, an addition, or a bathroom renovation. Generally, your day-to-day activities won’t be impacted.

  • Trends: We’re told that 90’s floral wallpaper is out, but certain wallpaper is back in? Trim - do we paint or leave it natural? That seems to changes yearly! Guess what though - most decking options are timeless. Clean, sleek lines are always in.

  • Want to be the hotspot for entertaining or where all the kid’s hangout? This is your chance to become just that. You could be the envy of your neighbors with your brand-new outdoor living space.

  • Decks can add major value to your home!

  • While wood decks do hold their value in the first couple years, they can depreciate quickly thereafter, especially if its not well taken care of. Maintenance is key with a wooden deck!

  • On the other hand, composite decking holds its value for nearly its whole lifetime! It adds a special feature compared to other homes.

  • Reputable brands also come with warranties, that are sometimes transferable.

  • If you don’t have an existing deck and want to build a new one, you can add more square footage for about 1/3 of the cost it’d take to create that same interior square footage as an addition.

  • Depending on your features, you could still use your outdoor space year-round just as you would your interior space.

Summit Outdoor Designs would love to have the opportunity to design & build your new space. Whether it’s a 10’x10’ deck, or if its your whole backyard that includes pavers around a pool, a cozy firepit, and a shady pergola….we are excited to work WITH you to make your dreams come true!

Call us today!

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